being subjected to an adverse employment action (such as termination) for having complained of discrimination on your own or someone else's behalf.

No good deed goes unpunished.  Such is often the case for employees who stand up for themselves or their coworkers by opposing unlawful discrimination and harassment.  Thankfully the law prohibits retaliation against co-workers who speak out against illegal discrimination suffered by themselves or another employee.

Also, the law allows you to complain of discrimination and harassment and so long as your complaint is honest and made in good faith you cannot be the victim of retaliation for such complaints, even if it turns out your discrimination or harassment claim lacked merit.

Anti-retaliation laws prohibit employers from taking adverse action against you (including demotion, suspension without pay and termination) because you engaged in protected activities such as complaining of discrimination or filing a claim or report of discrimination either internally or externally.