False statements about job performance or conduct that harms your reputation, including false negative references provided to a potential employer by a former employer.

Reputation matters.  We all work hard at our careers and none of us wants to be accused of doing a poor job.  Even worse is to be accused of some wrongful act or dishonest conduct that is untrue.  False accusations like these can carry a stigma for years to come making it hard to find later employment and leaving an ugly smear on an otherwise excellent professional reputation built up over many years.

Defamation laws allows employees to recover for the harm done to their reputations, in addition to recovering for any income lost due to the false statements that were made.  Did you know that an employee can proceed on a lawsuit for employment defamation even if there are no economic damages that were specifically caused by the defamatory remark?  Also, an employee can proceed with a defamation claim even if the only persons to whom the defamatory statements were made are other employees of the company where that employee works.

I have helped numerous employees who were the victims of defamatory statement about their professional activities recover compensation for the injuries to their reputations.  Contact me for further information.